David fell into the car with a jolt. His legs unaccustomed to the weight. The steering wheel rubbed against the blue sweatshirt that covered his belly.

A belly, he thought. I don’t have a belly, I have a stomach. Fat people have bellies.

He pulled into Reynold’s Gym slowly.
The steering wheel now dug into his shirt.
The shirt now rode above his waist line.
In the dim light of a nearby street light, David Gray saw the pale flesh of his expanding body slip between his pants and shirt like an avalanche of dough.

The car off he began to exit. David strained against the steering wheel. He leaned to the side enough to reach his hand between his legs. He pulled the lever for the seat to go back some. It went back with a thud. He sighed as the pressure on his flesh subsided.

Tap-tap went the knuckle against David’s window.
He rolled down the window.

Hey David! I didn’t know you worked out? Shawn from work stood outside David’s car. His sculpted body wrapped in a black jumpsuit. David considered Shawn an ally at work. Another disciplined, ambitious man to be emulated. And watched.
David felt a sudden hatred for Shawn.

Hey Shawn! Yeah, just started. This is my first trip. David regretted the words.

I was leaving but would love to stay and show you around a bit. Glad to see you here. Looks like your packing a few more pounds than usual.

Stress. Probably. David said. He felt a sting of expanding skin across his back.

Shawn opened the car door. David sat there. Neither spoke for a few moments.
Well? Shawn said.
David knew the truth before he moved. But still, he tried.
The steering wheel dug further into his flesh. Blood rushed to his face.

David, you Ok? Shawn stepped back.
Yeah. Need to adjust the seat, I guess. David moved as if looking for the lever again.
David leaned forward.
The car horn’s cry echoed through the parking lot.
People exiting the gym looked over.

David. Are you stuck? Shawn asked.
No. Shit no… David grunted against the steering wheel. He felt the car shrink with each attempt to exit.
The horn honked again.

You Ok sir? The fireman asked.
The red lights reflected off his angular face. David saw the man’s slender frame and remembered his hatred of Shawn.
The crowd had grown quickly. Rachel was standing near the ambulance. She was talking to a reporter from the local news. From inside the car, David could see the cameraman’s bright light reflect Rachel’s tears.
He didn’t want to know what she was saying.

Are you Ok sir?
Yes. Of course. It’s just. My wife’s car you see. The steering wheel is,something’s wrong.
Of course sir. We’ll get you out in a bit. We just need the jaws of life.

That’s for wrecks isn’t it? David said. I haven’t wrecked. Just this damn steering wheel. Its column is broken or something. My buddy and I were gonna work out you know. Throw some weights around…
The words were heavy in his mouth.
The fireman kept saying, of course sir. Of course.
Rachel kept crying.

Shawn took a picture with his cell phone. David wanted to tell him to stop. But couldn’t. David sat wedged against the steering wheel. His driver’s door was now being cut off by the jaws of life. Shawn took another picture. David’s belly laid on the horn.

When they finished, three hours had passed. Shawn was long gone. Rachel sat on the bumper of the ambulance looking up at the moon. David’s car had lost its door, crossbeam, driver’s seat and steering wheel.

Insurance will probably cover it, one of the EMS folks said as they lifted David’s cot. It took four people to move the wheeled cot across the parking lot. David felt his hands dangle at the side. His sudden girth forbid the clasping of his hand. His breath was heavy and fast.

Rachel watched as they hoisted David into the ambulance.

Ma’am, you can ride in back.

Rachel shook her head.