Here’s a question I doubt anyone can answer. If you can go for it…but just know most of us will consider you full of crap.

Last month you had a ten-dollar bill in your hand.

Nothing special, just a regular old Gubment-issued Ten Spot floating around your purse, wallet, or pocket.

What did you do with me?

Ok. Here’s the question.

What did you spend it on?

Don’t hand me that BS about paying a bill. Few of us have any bills that can be covered by a lone Hamilton.

So, what did you spend it on? Gas, cigarettes, a combo meal, movie ticket, another combo meal, beer, popcorn, yet another freakin’ combo meal?????

You don’t know what happened to every Ten Dollar Bill you touched last month. I don’t know what happened to every one I touched either.

It’s December. The month of Christmas, Giving, Holiness, and all that groovy stuff we depend on to make the impending New Year brighter.

This month you can give a Ten Dollar Bill to the Special Olympics and help bring a little laughter and joy to a person’s life.

Here’s a link to use: Polar Plunge-Special Olympics

Virginia Beach

Why not give Ten Dollars? Or Five? Or One?
I’ve made the amount donated “anonymous” so no one will know if you’ve given One Buck or Ten. And you’ll never hear a peep from me if you can only donate a small amount.

Warm water is for Wimps.

Why not do something with a few bucks that you will actually REMEMBER next month?

Do you think McDonald’s appreciated your Ten Dollar Bill as much as a Special Olympian would?


Wherever you spent that Ten Bucks last month has long forgotten you, your money and the effort you used to earn said money.

I won’t forget and neither will the Special Olympians who deserve a little help.

What have you got to lose?