Either by personal decree, divine intervention, or dumbass luck this has been an eventful year. Finished college, had a son, turned 40, starting writing seriously, starting living less seriously, and recently I began an enjoyable relationship with a certain radio program.

You can tune in on Saturday nights to The Gods of the Bobbleheads and hear Richmond’s newest music, interviews, in-studio performances, and assorted funny bits written by Daniel Anderson/John Massey and some guy called Baby Huey. When the Gods laugh loud enough, you can hear skits I’ve written as well.

Check them out here.

I also started this blog which has been a strange experience in itself. You never know WHO reads it or what they think. Often, when I move around Nottoway, I see people stop and stare at me. I don’t know if it’s the hole in my fishnet hose or the fact they’ve read this blog.
So be it.

Next year, I’m doing the Polar Plunge. If you look to the right of your screen you’ll see a link. I’m too damn lazy to keep putting links & pics on this page. Gets old, you know?

Well, here’s another pepper for the kabob of my life. NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. Here’s another damn link that will take you to NaNoWriMo’s site.

The idea is simple. You attempt to write 50,000 words during the 30 days of a specific month. I’ll be doing it during November. It doesn’t have to be a good, earth shattering novel. In fact, it seems you can write pretty much whatever you want provided it’s not filled with so much Sex that even the Catholic church would take notice. That part doesn’t bother me. I don’t write “Sex” stuff much. It always seems your mind would wonder when you do.
Makes me think that smut writers probably fall into to two categories: 1.) Bored with sexual thoughts. 2.) Carpal Tunnel

So, starting November 1 I will try to write 50,000 words based loosely on an idea I’ve smacked around my head for two years now.
Fire up the grill boys…Duffy’s ready for Kabobs…


If you tell someone you’re cutting back on Red Meat they’ll freak out about your “Protein!… Duffy, where you getting your protein eating that Baked Tater!?!” But when you order a Big Mac no one asks you about getting enough Vitamin C…?


A friend recently cut his eyelid off with a box cutter. The doctors, in trying to find pliable skin, grafted a bit of his penis flesh to refashion an eyelid. Everyone keeps calling him Cockeyed…


We went to a bar recently in Blackstone. There was no DJ, no ongoing music. Just the rise and fall of half-drunks talking football, telling jokes, and remembering some forgotten tales. This old man at the far end starts to belt out Temptations tunes and Bob Seger hits. He kept his eyes closed. A smile would grace his wrinkles on certain verses.
I don’t want to be an old man before I’m that brave. Or crazy. Or funny. Or interesting.


Inspiration is where you look.