tonight i’m typing sans the shift key.

nikki giovanni was once my poetry professor while i was at tech. in a moment of writerly insecurity i foolishly asked her if i needed a degree to be a good writer. yeah, i vomit with pseudo-elitism just writing it…so, she and i were walking down the corridor in williams hall…more elitism…when i asked her and she laughed at me.

i wrote poems with my son playing at my feet…my degree didn’t make me a writer…i did. you will be ok…just write.

i’ve carried that last line around for 15 years like a security blanket. just write.

we walk with our heads down. our world revolves around our thumbs. –randy parsons, 08-28-10

someone said, your son looks like you. i said, at our house you are required to look like yourself…imitations are not allowed. du huh.

in the end the shift key doesn’t seem all that important. bukowski hardly used it and most of you’ve never heard of him…wait…

my real estate guru said this to me today. when you close the door, it doesn’t matter where home is…you’re either there or your not.

i’ve never known if pearls of crazy shit fall from the sky near me because of some mystical force or because i’ve got this old ass soul floating around in me that choose a life destined to be surrounded by crazy shit.

somebody knows…but i don’t know. that makes me nobody.

one day i’ll use the above in a story. i like that line.

counselor, you say dr. thompson.

i say bullshit.