A few of my fellow bloggers have posted lists about themselves.
Most notably, Dark Sculptures, Mark, and Dayner.
So I thought, what the hell?

Here goes.

1. I had a fairly groovy childhood until about age 10.

2. I used to think Vampires lived in toilet bowls and if you sat too long…SNAP…something would be bitten off…

3. I got a soccer net when hardly any of my friends knew what soccer was or cared to know. Our dog almost choked to death in it. Almost.

4. I eat Jelly and mayonnaise sandwiches.

5. I worked as a teenager and gave most, if not all, of my paychecks to my mother.

6. I need to be alone, and awake, for at least an hour every day.

7. I wrote my first poem when I was 10. It was about my folks splitting up and how I missed having an Air Conditioner in the house. I read it aloud to my Mother and she went off.

8. I didn’t show my poems/stories to anyone again, until I was twenty-one years old.

9. I graduated High School with a GPA of 1.3.

10. I got married on July 4th.

11. I got married for money. I was in the military and if Tammy and I got married we’d get paid about $300.00 extra per month.

12. I tend to drink alcohol quickly, but not often.

13. I miss military life.

14. My father’s name was John. My name is John. My uncle’s name was John. My son’s name is John. There are no Juniors in my family.

15. Writing, “My son’s name is John.” was much weirder than I thought it was going to be…

16. I enjoy eating foods I can’t pronounce, served by people I can’t understand, in places I’ve never been.

17. I love grilling steaks but could go my entire life without eating one.

18. I drink Diet Pepsi for the flavor.

19. A homegrown tomato is the greatest vegetable.

20. Watermelon is the greatest fruit.

21. I used to go into bookstores, read a book for about thirty minutes and then put it back on the shelf. I would remember where I stopped and go back until I finished reading the entire book. Our library sucked, I worked near a Barnes & Noble, and I was broke.

22. Yes, I got a weird thrill by essentially stealing the book without ever taking it out of the store.

23. I have a good grasp on three emotions: Love, Anger, & Loyalty.

24. I dislike animals but dislike animal abusers more.

25. I’ve carried a turtle across the road to make sure it didn’t get killed.

26. I’ve eaten turtle meat.

27. More often than not, I write stories because I can’t get the ideas out of my head and because I don’t have many people to talk to about writing.

28. Easyrider is my favorite movie.

29. The Beatles have been my favorite band since 1986.

30. I tell strangers exactly what I’m thinking more than I do friends.

31. I can count my close friendships on one hand, but it takes a map of the entire country to find them all.

32. My older brother used to pay me to leave the house when he had a party.

33. I once sold cemetery plots door-to-door.

34. I worked at a pizza place for three years during High School and loved every minute of it…

35. I’ve alway thought short women were more attractive than tall women.

36. There is no beer I won’t try.

37. I like Rum, hate Bourbon, and love Jameson’s Irish Whiskey.

38. I once barked at a woman in a club because she was acting like a bitch.

39. I was once kicked out of a club for barking.

40. It’s five o’clock on a Friday so this list must come to an end.
You understand, I’m sure.