I heard something at work that caused me to type in the words, “Killing Crackers” on my search engine.
I found hundreds of references to one King Samir Shabazz and his comment to members of the New Black Panther Party (not to be confused with the Classic Black Panther Party or the Diet Black Cherry Panther Party) about killing a bunch of crackers and/or (you choose!) killing some of their babies.

For those who still think we’re called crackers because we taste good with spreadable cheese or covered in Tomato soup, pay attention. We are called “Crackers” because back in the days of slavery, the “Cracker” was the white man who used the whip on Slaves who didn’t follow Massa’s orders. Over the years, it has come to represent ALL white people, including babies, women, Europeans, and Bill Clinton. I separate Clinton because let’s face it, if any man has used a whip in the last few decades for “fun” it’s probably Clinton. Cigars get soggy.

Part of this ignorance stems from something called “Black Liberation Theology”. The idea is that Jesus, being a black man (Tru dat, Tru dat), represented more than a theological threat to the Romans. He was an uppity brotha trying to convince people they could receive salvation through Faith, not Laws. Just crazy talk. Christ’s crucifixion represents God’s siding with the victim ergo, thus, ipso facto, E pluribus unum, if you want to be a Christian, you must side with the victims in every situation. But you can’t simply agree with the victims, you must pay for your part in their victimization by giving up your money, power, or place in society.

As any good Southern Baptist preacher will tell you (or Catholic Priest, or Rabbi, or -insert title-) God is always short of cash and you only believe you if you pay up front. Checks accepted with prior approval. A pay-before-pumping salvation based on the thousands of drive offs throughout history. This seems to be the base of each corruption of Religion: Money. Power. Greed. Usurpation. We can now add Black Liberation Theology to that historical bundle of well-heeled snake oil God talkers who need just a little more Earthly control to do the Lord’s work.

My admittedly dusty and misplaced Bible shows me that God really didn’t need Cash, Earthly power, or Congressional support to get things done. It seems, at least to those of us without the blessing of an organization, church, religion, terrorist group, or political party that God kicked ass all on his own. Often.
Some calls it Karma, I calls it God Kicking Somebody’s Ass…

This type of stinking thinking was powerful enough to start the Crusades, form the Klan, gas European Jews, ethnically cleanse some Baltic States, and apparently, justify threats of violence against children because their stupid, slave-owning parents of the 21st century happened to be White.

What perpetually amazes me is how The Tea Party (read Teabaggers to one-eyed gutter dwellers) are considered “Inciting Violence at every turn” with their absurd signs, misspelled words, and flag waving; but the New Black Panther Party is “tolerated”.

Protesting for smaller government is radical and reeks of violence.
Threatening to kill babies to make a poltical statment is Free Speech and reeks of Justice.

There aren’t enough words and question marks to quantify the level of ignorance, hatred, racism, greed, and stupidity of the New Black Panther Party or its elder, the Ku Klux Klan.

Tolerance is most often used as a crutch for spineless bastards who’d rather give up than stand up.

The Klan should be publicly mocked and held accountable for their words, deeds, and actions.
The New Black Panther Party should be publicly mocked and held accountable for their words, deeds, and actions.

What part of “Content of Character” is so confusing?