My neighbor wants to spread shit all over his land. He calls it “Biosolids” but I calls it “Shit”. It is a mild difference of opinion but one worth mentioning. The run off assessment shows the Shit he wants to spread will never enter our Well. The Shit will be covered with a chemical to help reduce (not cut) the smell so that it will fade in about a week, or so. Or so. Or so.

I learned of this due to a posting on the land across the street and a follow-up phone call from another neighbor asking us our opinion.
I told him I despised the idea of having human feces dumped across the street.
I told him I hated the notion of smelling shit while I”m cooking on my grill at night.
I told him it bothered me that the smell may seep into our clothes, hair and vehicles.

He asked me if he could put me down as a “No” on the petition.

I said, well, no, you can’t actually.

I told him I was a “Yes”.

Freedom isn’t Free, to me, means that all Freedoms have to be purchased by all People. Too many folks assume the Military are the only payment Freedom will accept. Not true, at all.
For me to keep my rights to use my property, I must respect, defend, and yes, PAY (symbolically) for my neighbor to use his.
I have no right to tell him he can’t use a cheaper, more efficient fertilizer for his property/farm/business simply because it annoys my nose and grosses out my sensibilities.

Someone told me, “You have a right to clean air!”
True. But “Clean Air” in the sense I think of is air free from poisons and harmful toxins. If the smell of shit is poisonous most of us would’ve been dead by age Two. Or earlier.
My air will smell bad, but it won’t be dirty in the sense of causing harm.

When Americans have lost Freedoms (and we have lost plenty) it is always a result of our attempt to take Freedom from someone else.
It is most evident in homeowners’ associations, special interests groups, and town halls meetings. We’ll scream when the Federal Govt does this or that, but never notice when the local Planning Commission changes required lot sizes from 3 to 15 acres.


Last week I heard an idiot speak. No, I wasn’t talking to myself but thanks for playing. The guy said, basically, that anyone with an Immigrant in their family was an hypocritical Racist for being in favor of Arizona’s law.

Really? My paternal Grandfather was an immigrant from Ireland. To my knowledge he passed through Ellis Island as a boy. Thus, my support of Arizona’s law (which mirrors Federal Law) makes me an hypocritical Racist. I wonder if my Great-Great Grandfather had been a Slave owner if I would be a hypocrite for being against Slavery?
If it could be shown I benefitted by my Great-Great Grandfather’s ownership fo Slaves, would I be allowed to be against Slavery?
What if he’d been a Rapist?
A murderer?
A Child Molestor?
Can the child of a Serial Killer be against Mass Murder without being deemed a hypocrite? Considering murder is ILLEGAL, wouldn’t we want the child of a Serial Killer to be a hypocrite?


If the grandchildren of Immigrants MUST support Illegal Immigration then the grandchildren of Slave Owners MUST support Illegal Slave Trading. The saddest part of the “hypocrital Racist” argument is the weight its given by the sheer number of non-thinking people who regurgitate it.


Never outsmart your common sense.