Today is the 70th birthday of Alcoholics Anonymous. I’ll drink to that.
Also, do Alcoholics really think no one else knows they are alcoholics? Are they nearly as Anonymous as they think?

Where are all the damn concerts and benefits for the Gulf Oil Spill victims who are dropping into foreclosure and can’t pay for food?

I read some of Vonnegut’s Palm Sunday last night. He mentioned WWII (Shocker!) which made me think of a ravaged Berlin.
Buildings-crumbled, dying.
Nations-humbled, crying.

I find it comically rich that most of the same people who refuse to blame the borrowers for the housing crisis have no problem blaming the druggies for the Drug Smuggling across the Mexican border.

Currently, I’ve lost Red Hammer completely. It is fear and laziness. Not the proverbial “writer’s block”. Most of my days I’ve noticed shit others seem to believe in naturally comes with obstacles for me. I don’t believe in ‘writer’s block’. I don’t believe in multi-tasking either. You aren’t actually doing two or more things at once. You are doing several things in a row, quickly.

Right here is where I include something about our cat giving birth to six kittens and how it reminded me of Life’s fragility, permanence, and opened up a new level of consciousness in my world. Sorry, damn cat spread afterbirth and a feline placenta all over my back porch. Keep your fragile life and clean up my porch.

I heard Chinese Restaurants offer $2.99 a pound for feline meat. I’ll check it out and get back to you.

After surfing “tags” I’ve found dozens of blogs by strangers. These blogs talk about home moving adventures, writing, stage fright, sexual ambiguity, Obama, and the rudimentary skill associated with getting your blog noticed.

Like this blog for you, the above-mentioned blogs bored me to death.

I don’t think I have 500 words a day about myself. That’s why I post fiction.

Strangers are the most trustworthy friends. Friends and family have expectations. It isn’t that you’ve done something wrong or bad, it’s that you’ve violated expectations. The longer you know most people the deeper their expectations of you become. To test this, think of yourself (the person you’ve known the longest) and check why you get disappointed in you, and when this occurs. It occurs when you violate expectations of yourself. So why would this not happen to others? Deeper still, think of why you have expectations to begin with and you’ll see (maybe) that you are trying to control your world by developing expectations to meet. We set ourselves up, aligned with some expectations, so that we can decide when we are good or bad. But what if we have no expectations of ourselves? What if we just accepted what we are as what we are and not worried with disappointment, or regret?

This is the part where I tell you how spiritually aware I became by reading some book, or attending a class, or eating some food, or meditating. Yeah, not so much.

502- out.