Here’s a story about a story that isn’t a story, yet.

Riding down a road in Dinwiddie this morning I heard a song which makes me think of a friend. It’s “Say” by John Mayer. I heard it for the first time in the movie, “The Bucket List”. If you haven’t seen that movie that’s a drinking shame. But on.

I heard the song I thought of my friend. Today she is having one of her kidneys transplanted into another person. Read that again, slowly. Now, one more time. She’ll be what is known as a living donor. ( This knowledge caused my mind to focus on the difference between a “living” donor and a “dead” donor. The living donor chooses their host, I suspect. And gets the indescribable feeling of knowing another person is somewhere breathing because of their generosity. I”m sure there are other ethereal benefits my finite mind can not comprehend. Some knowledge can only come from experience.

So, I’m contemplating living vs. dead organ donation concepts. Then I ask, What if you wanted to die so that one specific person gets your organ? Not some unfortunate soul who marked “organ donor” and then died in a car crash, but rather a person who died in a car crash of their own creation so that they may be an organ donor. Suicide with purpose. How would society, legally, react? Do we value life more than we devalue death? But then it changed.

What if a person deemed guilty, by his own conscience, decided to die so that an innocent may live? Do we value the life of the innocent over the life of the guilty?

Would we allow someone to commit suicide so that a child would gain an organ?

Characters, plot twists, and images flooded my mind.
Once Red Hammer is over(4 more postings and its done)I’ll start another one.

“Jared, Rising”